Monday, July 26, 2010


Proud of myself today, not only did I have a full work day but I made a point to get a 3 mile run in and got the laundry caught up! That's a successful day in my book!

The only thing I think that could have gone better is bedtime! My 5-year old starts kindergarten in 3 1/2 weeks and I keep telling myself and her that we have to start bedtime earlier so that she will have a well rested brain and I will not be a crazy person trying to get her around and moving in the morning! (I can see how this is all going to play out already!) Anyway, so tonight I got the girls in bed by 8:30 but the actual time they fell asleep was at 9:15 (5-yr old) and 9:45 (3-yr old). I wish I had some fairy dust to sprinkle on them so that they would fall asleep and wake up rested and not grumpy! Oh well, tomorrow night we'll shoot for 8:00 as our in bed time and maybe we'll all be asleep by 9:00!! My plan is to take them to the pool, make them ride bikes and possibly get a walk in as well to tire them out!! We'll see how my evil plan works~ ha, ha, ha, ha. (that's supposed to be an evil laugh;) sorry lots of princesses in my house!)

I've been thinking about the first day of school layouts and what paper I'll use and where I'll take pics at and how we need to go buy school clothes and supplies! Oh geez, I'm overwhelmed already!!

Love the new Learning Curve line from Bo Bunny! I'll definitely be picking some of this up!

Wow that pic is really small, sorry, click on it to see a bigger version.

Learning Curve Collection from Bo Bunny

Next time I post I will be discussing my serious issues with my child starting school, I'm a very nervous parent I believe! Oh October Afternoon makes it all better, check out this adorable line of paper! I have some great beach pics for this line!

Seaside Collection from October Afternoon

They have another favorite of mine, I'll post that one tomorrow! Speaking of tomorrow, Scrapfest class sign up!! Can't wait, I'm going to try and get into the October Afternoon class as well as a few others! So excited for another year of fabulous fun with my sister and friends!

Scrap it Swanky Sister~

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday!

It's been a lazy Sunday today! Partly because of me, I've been blech feeling all week due to some vacation time and too much eating and not enough running! I was having a pity party today with my newly growing love handles~ I wish I didn't have to watch EVERYTHING I put in my mouth! But I do so again tomorrow I'm back on the wagon of eating good and running/exercising daily!! While wallowing in my self pity though I did have a chance to read a good book today~ which by the way never happens!! If you're in the mood for an uplifting book just as I was today, stop by the local library or book store and pick up the copy of Molly Ringwald's book "Getting the Pretty Back". It's a really easy read and I enjoyed it today while reading outside in the sun!

The rest of my day consisted of taking a cat nap with my 3-year old, watching 2 of my all-time favorite movies...

Hitch~ with Will Smith and Eva Mendez

The Goonies~ Favorite from the 80's, I could watch this one a million times and never get tired of it!!

So, the day wasn't half bad, tomorrow, I'm all sunshine and rainbows at 6:00 AM.


Saturday, July 24, 2010


Well folks, I did it again!! I submitted some items for the Bo Bunny Audition to be a guest designer on their team! I waited until the last minute as I know that I'm not half as good as the other people designing out there, but then I thought shoot, what the heck, I'll try again! So, I submitted a 2-page layout, 2 cards and an altered project, which this year I did a necklace. I've attached the pics here so you can see what I entered for the audition. I love making jewelry and this was a way to showcase how simple this necklace is yet how cute!!

Summerfest Layout:


Squeeze Me Charm Necklace:

I guess we'll see what happens, but at least I can say I tried. I'll keep you posted!


Scrap it Swanky Sister~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July, already?

Hope you've had a wonderful start to your summer! I myself can't complain. I just can't believe how fast the year is flying by. My 5-year old will be starting kindergarten in 5 weeks and it just doesn't seem possible. From my June post I stated I was finishing up on a Baby album for my friend, and I did complete it a few weeks back. Here's a few of my favorite pages of the album. I used alot of blues/reds/greens on this album. It turned out really pretty cute.

Other exciting news... I'm going to be submitting another entry for the Bo Bunny auditions, due in a couple of weeks. Last year I didn't know about it until it was too late and submitted a rush entry, but not this year, I'm working away on it and I'll post my entry here the end of this week! Very exciting, it would be so cool to be able to create for Bo Bunny!

And on another note, Scrapfest sign up is around the corner, my sister and I will be traveling to Minnesota again for our annual trip!! Can't wait to have some me time!!

I will also be posting my room re-do pics. This project started awhile back, but I've finally got my scrap space in order and I will be painting and doing some final touches this weekend. I love the color, it's like a light Tiffany Blue~ very calming (which I need during the day) yet very inspirational!!

I do love how I have everything organized now where I can find things and am able to pull out what I need at anytime!! I've also really gotten into Jewelry making lately, so I hope to post some of the new creations I've come up with using the Vintaj line, check it out here:! LOVE IT!!!

Stay tuned for more scrapping/jewelry making news!! The creative juices are flowing!!!