Monday, June 7, 2010

What I've been up to...

A whole lot! That's what!! It's been a crazy few months! In addition to my full time job, my little one turned 3 (Whahhhh!!), trained for a 5k and completed the race last weekend, training for another 5k in a couple of weeks, traveled to PA for work, older daughter graduated pre-school, swimming lessons for both kiddos this week and also preparing for a garage sale this weekend and a wedding. Pure craziness!! I don't think I have enough things going on right now!

Anyway, through all of that ciaos I have been able to do a few projects, I'm working on finishing up a baby book for a friend of mine and I did a special mother's day book for my mother-in-law. Thought I'd share the pics before I delete them for more important footage! With this little album I used a clear acrylic circle album and decorated it with pics, sticker, ribbons, jewels and rub-ons! So much fun and a perfect present for the grandma's that don't live very close!