Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Ones Creations

Oh how I love spending the day with my girls, we are always crafting up something! Before my 5-year old headed off to kindergarten, I took some time off to spend with her and the 3-year old tagged along as well. What better way to spend the day then to scrap up some in the moment pictures! I had just purchased a new thermos and lunch bag for my daughter for school and of course the 3-year old had to have a new thermos as well. One Hello Kitty and one Littlest Pet Shop, I will be stealing these when they're tired of them, they're really pretty cute! Anyway, I took some pics of the girls with their thermos and printed them out on the handy dandy pogo printer and voila, we have some cute pages that the girls did all on their own, and I'm not kidding they slapped the pics on to these cute little page kits they picked out at Hobby Lobby on the clearance rack! A whole $1.99 to create these. I did help with the placement of the crown gems though~ that turned out cute!!

Then these happened... $1.00 glitter foam stickers from the dollar store, some hair clippies and we have new hair bling for the school year! (God LOVE the dollar store!!!)

The first week of school was great, now we're almost wrapping up the second week and we're still hanging in there. Still adjusting and with much tiredness I can say, this kindergarten stuff is for the birds!!

Hope all of you had a great first week at school as well! Hello fall and hello scrapbook season!

Scrap it Swanky Sister~

P.S. Anyone else going to Scrapfest? I am! BOY am I excited!!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Banner of a week!

I know quirky title right? Well, I just took some time this evening to create one of these cute banners that everyone has been raving about in the scrapbook world! I had some cute floral paper leftover from a page I was working on and decided to use the scraps to make a "LOVE" banner that I'm going to hang on my door to my office, it signifies my love for scrapbooking/paper crafting!

Had fun using up some of my leftover scraps as well, the green little pom-pom ribbon at the top was also leftover from a previous layout! I LOVE using up my scraps~ I feel a sense of decluttering accomplishment (OK not really~ but it sounded good)!! :0)

This picture you can see more detail, I added some little pearls and the purple buttons were from Michael's dollar bin! I think it turned out pretty cute!

Well, I hope you have a banner of a weekend!

Scrap it swanky sister~

Monday, August 2, 2010


Today I was cleaning out the closet in my scrapbook room/office and I found a journal that I had started after my second child was born. I honestly forgot about writing that often and wish I would have kept up with it, but it's so crazy how fast the time has gone. From the first bath to the first time she rolled over, it's such an amazing experience having children. I feel like the day to day grind has me under a spell that I can't get out from under and need to remember how precious the time is with my girls. I wish I could freeze time, hold them under a microscope like we did when they were babies and look at how big their feet are now and how long they are. In the morning when we wake up I swear they really do grow over night. I think it's an extra sentimental time right now with my 5-year old starting school (and me secretly not wanting her to). Can you tell I'm having a very hard time with my babies growing up?

Reminiscing is one of my favorite things to do with the girls, I think they remember a lot of the times we share because I repeat it to them often. Especially my older child, she doesn't forget a thing!

Speaking of reminiscing here's the other October Afternoon line that I meant to post last week, that I'm in LOVE with!! It's called Thrift Shop and brings back memories of when I was growing up! I'm pretty sure my mom still has that camera! Check out the adorable journaling cards~ I'm going to start transferring my thoughts from my journal onto these types of cards for my pages. Too darn cute!

This week my goal is start a journal with weekly posts on my girls, one day it will be theirs and hopefully they'll love that I kept these memories for them. Enjoy your week!

Scrap it swanky sister-
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P.S. I love you B! Thanks for the comments!!